Monday, May 9, 2016

Friday Night's Alright For...Art!

On Friday, a couple of friends & I went to Riverviews Artspace to check out the new exhibit by Lisa Tubach.  If you live in the Lynchburg, VA area, like art & haven’t checked out Riverviews Artspace, shame on you & you must rectify this immediately!  It’s a great space for artists & creatives to both work & show their art – those lovely brick walls, hardwood floors & the light!  Oh, the light!  <wipes drool from keyboard>  I highly recommend a trip to check it out & with a parking garage just one block up, you really have no excuse now. 

Friday was the opening of Ode to Eleuthera by Lisa Tubach.  I am all about abstract so this, of course, appealed to me - I’m really not much on reality…realism..I mean realism.

In her statement, Tubach explains that her work reflects her environmental concerns.  What I liked about this particular piece was the sense of movement I got.  The piece reminded me of the bottom of the ocean with the fronds gently swaying in the current.

Now this piece, I loved for all the drips & splatters it has going on.  I love a lot of texture & this does it for me.

Totally different & very interesting artist here.  His name is Jurgen Zeisman, he’s a biology professor, the collection is called "Tiny Treasures" & his paintings are based on what he sees through his microscope.  Who says science is boring?  His work appears so whimsical with little houses, villages, beings, a different world going on.  I really found his work intriguing, especially given its scientific basis.

Unfortunately, I can’t credit this last artist.  I took this at the Toolry which is the co-share work space located on the 1st floor of Riverviews Artspace, but can’t make out the name & I didn’t take notes.  They don’t have any information on any of the art they had displayed Friday night so I’m out of luck there.  If I remember correctly, these aren’t paintings, but are mixed media paper art.  I really liked them, especially the message.

So, that was my Friday night.  Anyone else been to any good art exhibits lately?