Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's Christmas...In May!!!

Ok, not really, but it felt like it when I got home yesterday & my package had arrived from Scrapbooking Warehouse with the 4 jars of Art Alchemy Metallique acrylic paint, 1 jar of their Opal Magic acrylic paint, 2 jars of Micro Beads & 2 clock face trinkets I had ordered.  Nothing makes me happier than new art supplies...well, maybe a few things..but new art supplies are right up there. See all the pretty?  Aren't they gorgeous?

art alchemy metallique paint, opal magic paint, prima marketing, finnabair, clock face

I already had a few jars of the Art Alchemy paint & absolutely love them.  They have a nice metallic sheen to them that reflects the light nicely, they truly are opaque & they spread easily - the weight & thickness are perfect.  The colors are awesome too.

art alchemy mettalique paint, opal magic paint, prima marketing, finnabair
Here's a chart of the colors I got this time. Ignore the one with the XX through it.  I still had blue paint on my finger so that didn't work.

I can't really decide what color the Blackberry is - a dark chocolately brown or a purple with a brown undertone.  Hard to decide. The Emerald Green looked more teal to me online & its another one that's hard to pin down.  It looks green, but as you can see, it pulls out blue.  I love it though & it's exactly what I wanted.  If I were into mermaids, this is the color I'd be using for sure.  The Brass Hardware is nice & bright & true.  Deep Waters is also true with no undertones that I can detect - very pretty.  The Violet Green Opal Magic paint, I'm on the fence about - on light paper, it barely shows green, but on the dark paper, I love the shimmery purple that shows up.

I tried out the Art Ingredients Micro Beads by running some soft gloss gel through a stencil, then pouring the beads onto it.  The beads are about the size of a poppy seed & very hard to corral.  I was able to get most of the excess back into the jar, but I think next time I'll mix them in with the gel before I use them - I think it'll be a lot easier, a lot less time consuming & less wasteful.

So, what did I do with all this awesomeness?  Take a look.

art alchemy metallique paint, opal magic paint, micro beads, prima marketing, finnabair
Keep in mind though that metallic paint is hard to photograph so you aren't getting a true picture of just how amazing these colors are.  I used the black Micro Beads for this, but decided that the painting was looking too dark, so spread some Brass Hardware on them.  The substrate is cardboard with black gesso.

If this has convinced you that you just can't go another minute without having the Art Alchemy paints & Micro Beads, I highly recommend ordering them from Scrapbooking Warehouse - I'm not shilling for them or being paid by them, but they've got great prices.  The paint was $3.88 a jar & Amazon wants $10.79 for most of the colors.  WTH???  If you do get some or, if you've been using them, let me know how you like them.

 And if you can tell me how to get metallic paint to show well in photos, you will be my hero & my new BFF.  :-)